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Consider a Cyber Career – Cybersecurity Awareness Month Week 3

With technology advancing, cybersecurity has become one of the hottest sectors today. The industry continues to grow with new threats and challenges emerging each day. As a result, both the business and education sectors have started to attract individuals into starting a degree and career in cybersecurity.

To start off a career in cybersecurity, you will need to #BeCyberSmart which you will learn throughout Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Here are five reasons why pursuing a cyber degree and career might be right for you.

1.      Hot Job Market

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job market for information security analysts will grow by 32% by 2028. This is one of the fastest growing job sectors right now. Cybersecurity Ventures has found that there will be 3.5 million unfilled cyber jobs in 2021. As a result, cybersecurity professionals are among the most in-demand individuals around the world.

Cybersecurity positions are available in all industries as every company needs to have some form of cyber protection. Cybersecurity roles and responsibilities vary across industries, but they all focus on building their organization’s network security.

2.      Infinite Possibilities for Personal and Professional Growth

Cybersecurity positions can be found in almost every industry, which gives you multiple routes for a cyber career path. The opportunities for personal and professional growth will vary as each company will have specific opportunities for growth.

Cybersecurity also offers a variety of options for professionals that you adjust to fit with your interests. With nine domains in cybersecurity, professionals can choose which skills they want to grow and apply to their positions.

3.      Investment in Advance Cybersecurity Pays for Itself

The supply of cybersecurity professionals has not been able to meet the demand for cybersecurity professionals in the workforce. As a result, businesses and educational institutions have created opportunities and avenues to make cybersecurity careers and degrees more affordable. New grants and scholarships are becoming available with each passing day, and many businesses also offer tuition reimbursement or other financial perks. This means that a degree in cybersecurity may be more affordable than you might think.

4.      Graduate Growth

Furthermore, cybersecurity programs have highly tailored graduate programs to further academic knowledge in cybersecurity. With this, cybersecurity professionals who face “on the ground work” also have the opportunity to grow and advance their cyber knowledge. These graduate degrees range from Applied Cryptography to Network Vulnerability and Detection. These types of courses are offered through colleges and universities throughout the nation. Additionally, these graduate programs open the opportunity for networking. This allows professionals to connect with other students from different backgrounds, opening more opportunities for future positions and/or businesses.

5.      Cybersecurity is Here to Stay

Cybersecurity isn’t going anywhere which is why the cyber job market has continued to grow. However, the reason cybersecurity is remaining and continuing to grow is simply because cyber risks cannot be eliminated. As a result, all organizations must continue to build their cybersecurity to protect their organization’s assets. Since cybersecurity is here to stay for the long run, there will only be more opportunities for you to consider in the cyber sector.

Furthermore, you will often deal with critical data and assets when you are in a cybersecurity position. Therefore, companies will more likely continue to employ you in the long run. Whether it’s because you support a long-term cybersecurity plan or because your performance is excellence, companies will want you to stay for their cybersecurity.


What are you waiting for? Figure out which of the nine cybersecurity domains interest you most, and from there, decide what skills and certifications you’ll need to jumpstart your cybersecurity career.

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